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When we think of RevV, we think of the metaphor of an engine revving. Pistons throttling on all cylinders to accelerate you in your personal and professional journey. And that is our intent, to create a supportive community that empowers you to find your path and pursue your purpose.

Using practices that are grounded in positive psychology, we've created a community that connects people and purpose, provokes powerful conversations, provides affordable coaching, celebrates individuality, and builds diverse relationships that spread across the world.​​

The RevV Experience 

Your skills, goals, and aspirations are one-of-a-kind, so your development journey should be too.
We take a three-pronged approach to growth, creating an experience as unique as you are. 


Through hands-on trainings, interactive sessions, peer groups, and engaging discussion boards in our online community, you'll build unique relationships that accelerate your growth and empower you to achieve your full potential, while helping others do the same. RevV is an open forum to mentor and be mentored, empowering members to work together to understand who they truly are, uncover what they really want, and figure out where they want to go.

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The RevV™ Work Life Journey is a unique way of creating a purpose-driven plan to guide your development while bringing clarity to your growth areas. You'll find new motivation to live to your full potential this one-of-a-kind tool. Combined with our curated digital library, self-assessment tools, live workshops, and unique Learning Paths, RevV members create a personalized approach for advancing skills, building knowledge, and achieving growth.

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RevV introduces the power of one-on-one and group coaching to those who need it the most but can afford it the least with our RevV Coaching Program. We connect diverse rising professionals across the world with certified, enthusiastic coaches at unbeatable rates by increasing the growth opportunity for both the coach and the coachee. RevV Coaches guide passionate professionals towards maximizing potential and achieving goals.

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The Solution

Development Your Way

Accelerate your growth journey and connect with others along the way with a membership to RevV at just $10 per month. 

Your membership will give you: 

✓    RevV Global Online Community Access
✓    Work Life Journey Experience and Tools
✓    Peer Mentoring
✓    Affordable Coaching
✓    Diverse-Minded Discussion Forum
✓    Virtual Events, Workshops, and Panel Discussions
✓    Skill-Building Learning Paths 

RevV Coaches

Accelerate Your Growth

What is a RevV Coach?

RevV Coaches are certified coaches and facilitators offering their expertise at affordable rates, bringing essential and accessible coaching to young professionals. Our coaches excel in helping others navigate critical and impactful years of their lives and careers.

What does a RevV Coach offer?

RevV Coaches work with members one-on-one or in group and event settings to enhance their development while providing support through critical and challenging years. Coaching services are available for RevV members at unbeatable prices, helping individuals navigate both their careers and lives with purpose.

How does RevV Coaching work?

RevV seeks qualified instructors from around the world to offer their coaching and facilitation skills at affordable rates. In exchange for reduced rates, RevV supplies these talented coaches with expert training and resources to advance their own skill sets. 

Each new RevV member receives a free 15-minute lightning round coaching session with options to continue the sessions for at an affordable price.

Adewunmi initiated an empowerment club for at-risk teenagers in her Nigerian neighborhood – channeling rambunctious energies to wholesome life choices. As a university lecturer, she walked alongside my undergrad students to develop holistic life plans that transcended academic success. Most recently, she founded a meetup group (Immigrant Techies Alberta), helping new Canadians overcome mental barriers and transition to tech careers while optimizing their already-acquired skills.


Adewunmi Adekanmbi
Life & Career Coach

Wendy has over 35 years of experience working in corporate America, establishing herself as a results-driven, hands-on leader with a demonstrated ability to advise senior management and deliver effective, common-sense human resources solutions in support of business strategy. She holds extensive experience leading international HR teams and working within complex global organizations, with the goal of advancing organizational climates that enable all employees to realize their full potential. Wendy earned an MBA from University of Massachusetts, Amherst; a BS from the State University of New York at Albany; a Certificate in Organizational Design and Development from New York University; and numerous other certifications in various training courses and assessment tools.

Wendy Bellus
Life & Motivation Coach

Pasquale brings over a decade of engagement analysis and leadership development experience to assisting companies in carrying out their mission, shaping their organization and unleashing the full potential of employees. Holding a BA in Psychology and an MS in Counseling, Pasquale is also a certified Leadership Coach, and engagement specialist. Pasquale combines his education and post-graduate certifications in Appreciative Inquiry, Core Energy Coaching (iPEC), MBTI, and as an Accelerated Learning Facilitator to engage all dimensions of individual, team, and organizational potential.

Pasquale Bisecco
Talent Business Partner, Leadership Coach & Employee Engagement Enthusiast
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For Businesses

Talent Development 

Improve employee retention, develop high potentials, enhance company culture, and tie a bow on your benefits package by offering a personalized development experience for your employees. We work with companies of all sizes and from all industries to build impactful programs centered around mentoring, coaching, and learning to provide a unique experience based on your organization's needs.