Discover who you truly are, uncover what you really want, and find direction for where you want to go.

The Work Life Journey

Your Journey to Success

At RevV, we believe that clarity of purpose leads to a laser focus on going after what matters most – and never settling.

The Work Life Journey experience is a one-of-a-kind method of exploring your values and strengths to uncover your purpose, dreams, and aspirations. You might discover, for the very first time, what you really want out of work and life. Or, you might uncover a more effective way to reach your goals.

Through a unique journey of peer mentoring, live workshops, interactive tools, and expert guidance, RevV's Work Life Journey experience is proven to bring you closer to your WHY than ever before. 

discover peer mentors, attend live workshops, build with tools, attain new insights

Engage in Peer Mentoring

Complete Work Life Journey Online Course

  • JOIN: Become a member of the RevV community.
  • CONNECT: Locate peer mentors and engage in interesting discussions.
  • LEARN: Complete the Work Life Journey online course.

Join Work Life Journey Session I

Explore Work Life Map

  • ENROLL: Sign-up for your virtual Work Life Journey Session I.
  • ENGAGE: Peer mentor one another using RevV tools and experiences.
  • BUILD: Begin your Work Life Map by identifying values, analyzing strengths, and discovering your purpose.

Join Work Live Journey Session II

Meet Coaches, Mentors, and More

  • EXPLORE: Request your lightning round coaching session with a RevV  Learning Advisor.
  • SHARE: Practice peer mentoring and refine your Work Life Map in a virtual session hosted by RevV.
  • DISCUSS: Join small groups, share resources, and iterate your Work Life Map with peer mentors over a lifetime.
"Through the Work Life Journey live sessions, I opened up about experiences that made me feel whole and dug into what gave me that feeling. Using the Work Life Map, I was able to create a plan to incorporate that feeling of fulfillment into both my career and everyday life." Janelle K.
"The Work Life Journey experience helped me find the direction I didn't even know I was looking for." Laurie H.
"After just one Work Life Journey session, I feel closer to my purpose than ever before! I can't wait to use these tools for years to come." Zavier S.
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