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We're committed to creating an innovative learning experience and empowering community where growth has no limits

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We Believe That All Human Beings Deserve The Opportunity to Reach Their Full Potential

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RevvGo is a new turn-key digital platform that helps rising professionals develop not only their skills, but ultimately the mentality and habits, that will propel them to further success for many years to come.

We help people:

  • Unlock growth opportunities
  • Find genuine satisfaction for their careers
  • Define goals
  • Discover their strengths
  • Make a bigger impact
  • Live a more authentic life

Created by lifelong leaders, Phil Harkins and Mark Servodidio, as an extention of their Executive Development firm, Prossimo Global Partners, RevvGo is focused on helping people find satisfaction and fulfillment earlier on in their careers.

Why RevvGo

Meet Our Leadership

A small-but-mighty team with a range of experience, we came together with a common passion for empowering others' to become their best selves.

We’re innovators, mentors, psychologists, strategists, coaches, and passionate leaders who aim to make everlasting change for our members, Coaches, and organizations worldwide.

We've designed RevvGo to help rising professionals grow in ways that have not yet been possible.

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Alexandra Aleskovsky
Chief Executive Officer
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Jess Sauve
Brand & Experience
Mark Servodidio
Mark Servodidio
Phil Harkins
Phil Harkins

Rethinking Career Development

Many companies struggle to keep up with today's rapidly changing business development needs, which leads many to recruit more senior leaders. But, rising stars—frustrated by a lack of growth opportunities and facing job burnout—want more of a chance to evolve and accelerate their careers.

Rethinking Career Development

After working with over 3,000 leaders and spending over 100 combined years in corporate leadership and Executive Development — it became evident that success of future leaders would be dependent on the ability to leverage their interests, strengths and talents effectively

Rethinking Career Development

With a passion of helping tomorrow's leaders, RevvGo was positioned to create the future of talent development. RevvGo is uniquely designed to help rising professionals grow in ways that have not yet been possible.