A digital learning experience created to maximize engagement and retention.

The Experience

The Learning Lab

There’s nothing worse than knowing you’re lacking skills in an area and not knowing what to do next. The RevV Learning Lab is a digital tool to fuel your growth in key areas. The Learning Lab includes a resource library full of high-quality learning and development content from trusted sources that that been curated just for you. You’ll have access to engaging, curated content across multiple industries and topics without having to dig.

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The Experience

Video, Podcasts, and More

Learning content is delivered in a variety of formats such as videos, online posts, podcasts, white papers, articles, and so much more. So, if you’re a learner that needs variety to keep you engaged, you’ve found the right place. Choose to level up through small chunks of learning content or become a pro in an area by completing our mini-courses called Learning Paths.

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Learning Clusters

 Learning Clusters keep thousands of pieces of learning content organized. Within the clusters you’ll find both Learning Steps and Learning Paths.

Learning Steps

Learning Steps are individual resources with bite-sized information that has been curated from trusted sources and organized by topics for easy discovery when you need it.

Learning Paths

Learning Paths are self-paced courses comprised of various digital mediums and applicable activities to make learning fun while filling your skill gaps and gaining in-depth knowledge. 


Learning Clusters

Our curated learning content is grouped by Learning Clusters. Learning Clusters help you quickly find content related to broad categories such as Leadership, Personal Development, Career Management, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI), Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, How to be a Good Human at Work, Industries, and more.


Learning Steps

Our learning philosophy is simple: we build an engaging learning experience for young professionals through an easy-to-navigate digital library.

We call each piece of content a Learning Step, because we believe every learning experience helps take you one step closer to your desired personal or professional goals.

We’ve done our research, so we know a thing or two about how young professionals learn best. Our team of experts curates content so that the young professional learner will enjoy expanding their knowledge.



Discussion Forums

Discussions forums allow RevV members to share diverse perspectives,  gain unbiased advice, find motivation, mentor others, and share resources from their personal toolkit to help others grow.


Learning Paths

As a young professional looking to learn, grow, and develop, you may need more than a Learning Step to close a skill gap or level up for your next big opportunity.

Our curated resource library includes formal applied learning that combines engaging content, reflection opportunities, and practice activities.

We call this formal learning experience a Learning Path (LP). Our Learning Paths are designed as mini-courses that help you become proficient in a subtopic within a Learning Cluster.

The practice activities help you set meaningful goals to apply your learning and gain proof that you are skilled in this area.


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