Why We Built The RevV Leaders Network

By Zac Novak on September, 15 2021
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In short, for the rising leader. The one who is making a big impact, but doesn't get formal training or support.


The person who steps up to take the tough assignment. The person who is building new possibilities. The person who is bringing the best out of others. Their young, purpose-driven and want to make an impact. But they haven't had the opportunity for formal leadership training. Here is our solution, the RevV Leaders Network.


The RevV Leaders Network (RLN) is a community focused on purpose, leadership, and making a difference in the world and RLN is the answer. We believe we are different, and we'll explain why:


Power of Purpose - Developing purposeful leadership skills is more important than ever. With the digitization and globalization of companies, communities, people, and ideas, there has never been a time where leaders can make a larger impact.


Democratizing Executive Leadership Development - We see that leadership communities and programs are focused on seasoned executives instead of emerging leaders. Reaching leaders earlier in their leadership journeys, will help them navigate important challenges earlier in their career.


Intentionally Global and Diverse - We want to act as the bridge between different industries and geographies, connecting leaders from across the globe. We are a catalyst for people that think, learn and act differently to create lasting bonds with one other.


Sharing and Support - Most importantly, we want to create the go-to place for emerging leaders to find answers to their most pressing problems. A place where everyone gives as much as they take and collectively support each other in making a difference in the world.


What is RevV?

When we think of RevV, we think of the metaphor of an engine revving. Pistons throttling on all cylinders to accelerate you in your personal and professional journey. RevV is a supportive community that helps you accelerate in your purposeful work and life journey. We know RevVers are at different points on their purposeful journeys, and RevV is designed to move you more quickly towards your goals.


So, what makes RevV special?


Purpose First – We are focused on purpose. Our flagship program, the Work Life Journey, is focused on helping you uncover the power of purpose using peer mentorship. This inner work creates the compass that moves you closer to your goals and helps you make a difference in the world.


Growth Focused – RevV helps you evolve more quickly as a person. RevV is a learning nucleus full of rich resources, educational advisors, mentorship programs and our core Work Life Journey experience. RevV is a place for members to learn, grow and excel together.


Community Centric – RevV is a community, of purpose-driven, growth-minded professionals who want to make a difference in the world. The community amplifies the impact and multiplies opportunity.


Network Approach - In addition to the nucleus, there are satellite networks, with specific focus on certain skills or vocations. The first being the RevV Leaders Network with many others to follow, such as Healthcare, HR, Coaching, and Innovation.


The History of RevV Leaders Network

The RevV Leaders Network originated from our Co-founder, Phil Harkins. Phil has nurtured the idea of a global group of young purpose-driven professionals coming together to support one another as they learn, grow and develop together for over 30 years. He believes such a community can make a significant and positive impact in the world.


Phil is the founder and former CEO of Linkage, a leadership and development company. At Linkage, Phil and his team put on over 700 leadership conferences across the globe. These leadership conferences were based on unlocking purposeful leadership and brought together leadership minds around the world, to connect and be inspired together. The conference would break people down into teams, to discuss relevant concepts and share stories with each other.


In 2017 Phil piloted a Young Leaders Network, putting together a group of leaders as a working team at a conference. The results were incredible as the group had authentic, vulnerable, and open conversations that helped them grow as young professionals and leaders.


What was even more interesting, was the group continued to support each other post-conference. Acting as an unbiased and objective support group that helped each other navigate their leadership journeys. Even though the group came from all walks of life, they found considerable value in supporting each other, as they pursued different careers in different geographies.


Through that experience, the RevV Leaders Network was born. A community that captured the magic of the original group. A place where purpose-driven leaders from across the globe come together to provide their unique perspectives and support one other on their journeys.



Who fits in the RevV Leaders Network?

The RevV Leaders Network is a dedicated space for young and emerging leaders who want to make a difference in work and in their life. The community is dedicated to professionals who are starting or recently began their leadership journey (typically 8-20 years of work experience). The community is a like-valued community, of purpose-driven, growth mindset and service-oriented individuals who want to make an impact.


Most sophisticated leadership development is aimed at executives (i.e., YPO) given the high cost. While we know those programs are important, we believe a bigger impact can be made helping professionals as they enter their leadership journeys.


What is RLN exactly?


The following is an overview of the resources on RLN that help leaders unlock their purpose, grow as a leader, and connect with other leaders around the world.


Global Community Forums – Through online discussions users can come together to share ideas, ask questions, and find solutions asynchronously.


Leadership Development Workshops – Workshops and evens supported by Prossimo Global Partners to guide your leadership journey.


Leadership Frameworks and Tools – Modern and forward-thinking leadership frameworks and tools and a vast resource library to guide your development.


Peer Mentorship – We will utilize our unique mentorship approach from the overall RevV community to help you find the right person to partner with in RLN.


Networking Events – Opportunities to meet and engage in rich conversation with individuals from across the globe.


Executive Leadership Expertise – Phil and team have been developing leaders for over 30 years. We know what works and want to give leaders access to tools, resources, and thinking that is usually reserved for executives.


Sharing and Support Approach – We strongly believe in a modern approach to learning centered around sharing and support. By sharing our stories, beliefs, experiences and knowledge we learn more about ourselves and contextualize the learning to our needs.


Global and Diverse – We are naturally diverse by seeking members from across the glove. We bring together people that think, learn, and act differently. Providing a unique perspective when solving your most pressing leadership challenges.



RevV is a new community helping you to make a difference in the world by unlocking the power of purpose. The Leaders Network is a community within that focused on rising leaders who want to make a positive change.

Want to join us? Apply today.

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