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It's Not If You Need a Coach, It's When

By Jessica Samuels on August, 18 2021

There’s a point in everyone’s life or career where they just feel kinda’ stuck. Whether you’re looking for a new career or just a new place to live, expert coaching can help. As a career coach with years of experience, I wanted to dive a bit deeper into what exactly coaching means. 


Coach or Mentor?

At RevV, we offer access to both peer mentors as well as expert coaching. What’s the difference? A peer mentor is a great person to share war stories with, discuss various skill sets, and essentially use as a soundboard. They don’t have to be in your position, your industry or even your company. A mentor helps you discover yourself through discussion and interaction with like-minded individuals. 


Coaching is all about you. In fact, we don’t talk about me (the coach) at all. If this were a traditional mentorship, we would be building off each of our strengths and weaknesses. When working with a coach, the focus is 100% on you and getting you to where you want to be in your personal and professional life. This is done through 1:1 coaching sessions, targeted, appropriate networking, and access to the RevV professional toolbox. 


How does coaching work? 

When I meet with a frustrated professional, the first thing I want to know is who they are. As they say, it’s hard to know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Let’s talk about everything - your personal life, your job, your relationships. My first step as a coach is getting a well-rounded picture of your current situation.


Once we hash that out, it’s time to really dig deep into your career with some hard questions. What in your career are you proud of? What are you ashamed of? Most importantly, what are you scared of? Fear is an extremely persuasive tool in keeping people stuck. All this information helps both of us get an idea of what may be keeping you in your current position or blocking you from moving forward.


This may go without saying, but confidence is key. I hold confidence sessions with individuals to help them improve their self-worth. Confidence in yourself helps you take that leap, which is one step forward to changing your life for the better.


The Earlier, The Better

It’s never a bad time to get an expert coach. Many think you shouldn't reach out for career help until your late 30s or 40s, or once you're higher up on the corporate ladder. This just isn’t true, and so many professionals have told me how they regret not finding a coach sooner. 


Workplace trauma can affect new and experienced workers, and this trauma can cause individuals to stay put. Expert coaching at a younger age gives you the confidence, connections, and tools you need to start controlling your career from the beginning. 


That’s a narrative we want to change with RevV. We do this by providing access to expert coaches at an affordable price for members, so professionals at any level can reap the benefits of working with a coach earlier on in their careers.


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Three Situations to Seek Out a Career Coach

There’s a host of reasons you might want to start working with a career coach. Here are three I’ve seen come up more than once with my coaching clients.


  1. You like your organization or company but are unsatisfied with your day-to-day work. Not every career change means leaving your current company. Sometimes it can be a change within an organization or on a team. It’s possible and coaching can help you get clear on your next career move.
  2. You’re dealing with real workplace issues like harassment, toxic coworkers, and leaders who don’t see your potential. Unfortunately, you’re not always able to change a bad situation and sometimes it requires you to seek a new opportunity. I help people identify these types of issues so they know what to look out for in the future and heal from trauma.
  3. You have an idea of what you want for your career and life, but you just don’t know how to get it. Maybe you’re happy at work, but you feel like something is missing from your life. How do you find more career satisfaction in a job that you are content with? 


Expert career coaching can change everything. At RevV, in addition to a host of tools for personal improvement and an active community, each member receives a free coaching session followed by access to some of the top career coaches in their field. What are you waiting for?


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- September 23, 2021

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