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    Phil Harkins

    Phil is an internationally known expert in the areas of organization development, leadership, communication, executive advising, and CEO succession planning. Through his work, he has led hundreds of organizations toward better performance and overall value creation. He has facilitated over 800 meetings and has been a principal speaker at over 400 conferences, symposia, and retreats throughout the world.
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    Professional Development Leadership

    Leading in Hard Times: On the Verge of Tears
    By Phil Harkins on February 4, 2021

    A few days ago, a client named Rory told me he “lost it” when he was asked a simple question during an online meeting. He became tearful, exploded, and abruptly signed off the video...

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    Professional Development Personal Development Purpose

    Revisiting Your Purpose in Hard Times
    By Phil Harkins on January 6, 2021

    In the current COVID-19 crisis, everyone is worried. The world seems upside down. Exploring this, I asked 200 leaders what they are feeling and what they most want. The leaders I...

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