RevV is a story of passion for developing young professionals when they need it the most and can afford it the least. 


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What We Do

High Impact, Low Cost Development

We connect people with the resources they need in order to grow, both personally and professionally.  We offer high-impact, lost-cost programs for  career-driven people from around the world and help them come together to mentor each other, engage in rich discussions, and offer diverse new perspectives. 

Perhaps most importantly, individuals will find direction, fulfillment, and success through a series of interactive sessions, a curated content library, and expert coaching. The result is both personal and professional fulfillment and growth.   

Who We Are

Meet Our People

A small team with a wide range of experience, we came together with a common passion for empowering young professionals. We celebrate diversity and excel in developing strong multi-generational teams. Our mission to empower young professionals is accomplished through a personal, high-impact approach to learning, growth, and development. Meet the team!

Founded in Success

Talent | Teamwork | Strategy

RevV Founders Phil Harkins and Mark Servodidio started Prossimo Global Partners to help organizations create value for their owners or shareholders. With a key focus on Talent, Teamwork, and Strategy, Prossimo unlocks the potential of both teams and individuals, finding success around the globe.

Drawing from Prossimo's successful experience, we created RevV™. Funneling Phil’s expertise in developing business leaders around the globe and Mark’s talent in instilling impactful business practices, we created an online community designed to improve the career trajectory for emerging talent.

Simply put, our goal is to bring incredibly valuable executive development to those who need it most but can afford it the least - young professionals.

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Why We Exist

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a diverse community that helps people find purpose, recognize their strengths, and ignite their passions to achieve their aspirations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make a positive difference in society by offering a high-impact community platform for diverse, growth-seeking professionals who want to live their best lives and accomplish their dreams.


Our Values

Diversity and Inclusivity.
We honor every individual's background, regardless of differences in ethnicity, gender, age, education, sexual orientation, or religion. We promise to provide equal access to opportunities, education, and resources for all RevV members.

Open Mindedness.
We believe all of us have knowledge to give and knowledge to gain from one another, and we encourage everyone to bring their ideas, questions, and perspective to the table.
We believe professionals around the world should have affordable opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve their goals at every level of their career within a safe environment.